Buy Instagram Auto Likes

Buy Instagram Auto Likes

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We provide a unique solution to get more Instagram likes without ordering the service every time you post. Our Instagram auto likes service is based on number posts.

Suppose you want 500 likes, each for your next 5 posts. You can select the package and make the payment. We wil track your account and whenever you post on Instagram we will make sure you get 500 likes for next 5 posts.

This way you can post and just relax, our marketing team will start the campaign for you and you will get IG likes automatically.


  • Peace of mind: No need to order every time you post
  • Cost efficient: Compared to regular likes we provide this service at less price.
  • Save Time: You will get likes in much lesser time as compared to regular Instagram Likes

24 reviews for Buy Instagram Auto Likes

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    Super cheap way to make my pics get way more likes, looks natural and has gotten me more REAL likes

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    Wow its really nice site for buying social likes and followers.

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    I tried for 100X5 posts. They have 24/7 hours working team. Whenever I posted I got likes within few hours.
    Thanks team, I will take more of this service.

    • Thanks for your order.

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    The Instagram likes are a lot cheaper than other sellers. It is all legit and works.

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