How to get real Instagram followers fast

How to get real Instagram followers fast

So far, Instagram has amassed a large following of about one billion users and this number has no signs of slowing down. As such, businesses, brands and marketers have been forced to take a closer look at Instagram to see how it can be leveraged for maximum business growth. As one of the most popular social media networking sites, Instagram has become vital for a range of business purposes that include networking, audience building, and engagement, as well as content creation. As a matter of fact, Instagram experiences more engagement compared to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, to truly make use of Instagram to grow your business, you will have to attract real Instagram followers fast.
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When you are just at the beginning stages of running your business, it can be exciting to imagine the growth that you will experience with your product or service once you build a large follower base on Instagram. However, you should be aware that although it is entirely possible to attract real Instagram followers fast, the process requires some effort on your part because attracting the first 5,000 or 10,000 followers is typically the hardest job. You have to work extremely hard to prove to your audience that you are a successful brand that can be trusted, which is not the easiest thing to do. So how do you get real Instagram followers fast?

Start by figuring out your target audience

Before you can make your very first post, you will need to define the type of audience that you are interested in engaging. If you are a lifestyle blogger interested in attracting a massive following for your blog, then your target market will most probably consist of mothers or mothers to be. As such, you must go to great lengths to make certain that the content that you are producing and the captions that you are including with every post are targeted towards your audience. Whatever your objective is with Instagram, it is always easier and a lot faster to grow your follower base after defining your target audience, because it is what will allow you to post effectively and successfully.

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Carry out hashtag research

Regardless of whether you are starting out with one follower or hundreds, using hashtags on your post is by far one of the best ways to get real Instagram followers fast. Hashtags make it easy for your brand, business or profile to be found with ease so that you can be followed. As such, using the right hashtags in your niche or industry is essential for effective marketing and strategizing. Not only can hashtags allow you to grow your audience, but they can enable you to discover what your competitors are doing so that you can gain an edge over them.

Promote your dedicated or company hashtag across various platforms

Hashtags come in all shapes and sizes but most brands either use popular hashtags in their niches or they create their own dedicated ones. If you have created a dedicated hashtag for your company, it is vital that you cross-promote it across different networks.

Make sure to have the hashtag included in your company bio so that your users can become familiar with it. Aside from using it online, you can also include it in your receipts, advertisements offline on magazines and newspapers, as well as in your signage or at relevant industry events. If you intend on advertising your brand on TV, ensure that you include your hashtag on the copy too to get as much exposure as possible.

Use hashtags in a creative way

Hashtags are used popularly in captions so that they can be seen by as many individuals as possible. But do not just include a lazily worded captions with your post but be sure to write creatively. Remember to mix up your hashtags with funny and even ironic hashtags to add an element of humor to your captions- the point is to ensure that your captions are interesting and engaging enough for followers to keep returning to your profile time and time again.

Come up with engaging images and graphics

Instagram is first and foremost a photo-sharing app. Therefore, the images that you use must not only be of the highest quality but they must also be engaging in order for you to get real Instagram followers fast. But it is not all about posting interesting photographs and graphics, you must also ensure that the images that you are using are well suited to your industry or brand. You need to craft imagery that can help you maintain the followers that you do have while attracting new ones. Fortunately, finding and creating captivating imagery is not as hard as it once was thanks to available apps and free stock images that are easily accessible online.

Do not forget to include videos in your posts

Even though Instagram started off as a photo-sharing network, the role of video in marketing has continued to grow over the years. Therefore, if you want to attract followers fast, you must do your best to include videos in your post. Videos are more engaging than graphics and images so they have the highest chance of creating the engagement that your brand is interested in. Videos allow brands and businesses to build trust with followers and they are a great tool to use when a brand wants to showcase its authenticity and creativity. With the growth of IGTV, and with people viewing more videos on their gadgets than ever before, the use of videos on Instagram has never been more effective.

Consider buying real Instagram followers fast

You already know the importance of creating high-quality content, but what good is posting high-quality content when there is no one to see or enjoy it? whether you are trying to gain your first 1,000 or 10,000 followers, one of the best techniques to use when you want to grow Instagram followers fast is to buy cheap Instagram followers fast.

There are plenty of services out there that can allow you to buy Instagram followers quickly and effectively, but you should know that not all these services are created equal. The best ones to use are those that have a longstanding track record to connecting brands to real followers that can deliver the next level of engagement that you are looking for and not fake ones.

Aside from buying followers and connecting you with them, there are also services that go a step further to strategically follow other accounts on your behalf based on your niche or industry, location, account type as well as the gender. When you have tried all that you can to attract followers to no avail, such services will attract and replenish your pool of followers so that you never run out.

Take part in popular conversations and events

To get the most engagement that you can from Instagram, try and make sure that you keep an eye out for and take part in popular conversations and events that are happening in your area. This will enable you to use and leverage popular or trending hashtags effectively whenever you can. Apart from popular conversations, you should also keep your eye out for universally popular hashtags such as #tbt that are used on a day to day basis.

Make sure that you are posting on a regular basis

To make the most of your Instagram, you have to ensure that you maintain a consistent and regular posting schedule because irregularity can actually end up costing your followers. As a rule of thumb, you should try to post at least one or twice per day to not only keep your audience engaged but also to attract new followers to your account. Try and limit the number of posts that you are making to about 2 to 3 per day because doing any more than that will start to appear spammy, which might cost you followers in the long run.

Ensure that your interaction is high

When on Instagram, it is not just enough to create engaging posts, you also have to interact with your audience as much as you can in order to instill loyalty. This means that you should start liking your follower’s post and responding to comments and queries as soon as they are made. You should also utilize hashtags to find posts that relate to your niche or industry so that you can like images that stand out to you. With time, your profile will be able to attract a huge following because your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Giveaways and contest work well

One of the best strategies to use when you want to grow your follower base is giveaways and contests. Customers love free items and as one of the most interactive and engaging social media platforms, there is no better place to run a contest than Instagram. Even with a relatively small audience, it is possible to boost your numbers simply by running contests every other month or so to keep your followers entertained and so that you can attract new ones.

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