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As a microblogging service, Twitter enables its users to post messages also known as “tweets” which consists of up to 140 characters. Twitter supports a variety of communicative practices. Audiences all over the globe use Twitter to converse with individuals, groups, and the public, so when conversations emerge, they are often experienced by broader audiences than just the conversationalists.

Retweets are a crucial and enormous part of Twitter and with time they have morphed into much more than just a message of what one likes , which is a good thing for users and for Twitter too. Retweets as a community engagement tool is separated into two features- the retweets from another user’s account to direct the responses down to a user or the retweets of replies as a function of sharing information.

Retweeting is like a using a small but influential printing press. Retweets, or the tweets shared from other people’s walls, have made Twitter’s use more intricate than when the network was founded. When someone shares another person’s tweet, they are doing much more than just hitting a button. They are instead participating in building up the public knowledge, which is necessary within their own network.


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