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Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Real Instagram Followers with unique Organic Methodology

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Buy Instagram Followers from BuyTrueFollowers With Fast Delivery

Everyone knows what Instagram Followers are and the relevance of having more Instagram followers and likes on your business and the brand value. But not everyone can decide whether to buy Instagram followers and how to buy followers. We will resolve this dilemma for you as you have reached one of the best websites to purchase Instagram followers and Instagram likes cheap.

Why Choose BuyTrueFollowers For Instagram Followers?

Buying real Instagram followers can confuse, but we rise to the challenge with a simple yet effective solution. Your investment gets you the best marketing to deliver quality followers with no violations of any TOS or IG policies. This organic process is safe, genuine, and highly effective for your brand building and marketing needs. BuyTrueFollowers follows all the guidelines laid down by Instagram Terms of Use and Platform Policy.

We have done intensive research on how to gain more followers using white hat SEO techniques. The methodology followed by us does not violate any Instagram terms. There are very few marketing companies that follow these guidelines. We are proud to say that we have served many celebrities, Instagram sensations and helped the business grow and reach a worldwide audience. You can buy as many followers as you want; we guarantee that you will not be banned or restricted by Instagram after availing our service.

Why BuyTrueFollowers Is the Best website to buy real Instagram Followers?

We’ve gathered the best different ways to provide the highest quality followers in the market. In the last 5+ years, we have served more than 16K customers including celebrities, bloggers, and Instagram sensations providing more than 200K followers to many clients and social media growth products. We offer full customer support, and in the unlikely case that you are not happy with the outcome, we are there to find a way to remedy the situation. Our exceptional reviews and testimonials are proof of our world-class service. You can easily buy Instagram followers cheap from us without any second thought.

These are our principles and features that differentiate us from our competitors and makes us the best place to buy real Instagram followers cheap:

  • Unique methodology to help you gain followers

BuyTrueFollowers uses white hat SEO techniques to promote your account and get real followers. Broadly we use these four techniques:

  1. Run ads on various advertisement networks like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc to promote your content.
  2. Post on various social media platforms to get attention to your account.
  3. Promote you on various groups and forums, so your account reaches to the worldwide audience.
  4. We take shout outs from influencer’s on Instagram to boost your presence on Instagram.

The above techniques are just the tip of the iceberg. We can not reveal our exact methodology, but rest assured you will get the best service from us without worrying about the ban from Instagram.


All our Instagram packages are kept at very reasonable rates. BuyTrueFollowers prices are cheapest among the best websites in this industry. BuyTrueFollowers is one of the best places to purchase online for all Instagram metrics. You can check our reviews here and from any other sites to get to know more regarding our service and rates.


When we get a successful payment from you, we will send you a confirmation email to verify the spelling of the username entered by you. This is to ensure that you have not entered the wrong username. Once you reply to our email, we start processing your order. You can expect to receive your followers in the given estimated time. We ensure that you get the best quality followers in the fastest possible time.


BuyTrueFollowers will never ask for your Instagram account password or any other private information under any circumstance. Never share your account’s credentials with any marketing company to protect your account from hacking. BuyTrueFollowers priority is to keep your account safe from hackers. We suggest you never share your password with anyone.


Our website is built on a Secure Sockets Layer certificate issued by a trusted organization, so all your browsing is over HTTPS. We work diligently so your sensitive information is not leaked. We have integrated the most secure and trusted payment gateways in the world so you can easily pay using your credit/debit card. All the payment data you will provide will be encrypted, and nobody can reach them, even us.

  • Best Customer Support:

We provide one of the best live chat supports. You can reach us through our embedded chat system or via email. We are always there to resolve your query. Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to us. We reply to all the emails within 12-24 hours even on Sundays and public holidays. If you experience issues while browsing our site or during your purchase, you can always get in touch with us.

All the above world-class qualities make BuyTrueFollowers the best site to buy Instagram followers app.

Best website to buy Instagram Followers cheap


How to Buy Instagram Followers?

BuyTrueFollowers is designed in such a way that anyone irrespective of their experience in ordering online products/services can easily order Instagram followers from the website. The procedure to buy real followers for your Instagram profile is very easy and secure, and it won’t take more than five minutes of your valuable time.

The only input from your side is your Instagram username and our team of experts will take care of running the Instagram marketing campaign to help you gain more Instagram followers. Let’s see the basic steps to prevent any confusion.

How to buy Instagram Followers 

Step 1:

First, you should browse to through your favorite choice of any desktop or mobile browser, as we support all the browsers on all platforms: desktop, mobile, tablet.

Step 2:

From there, you should find the Instagram drop down and click on Instagram Followers menu item through browsing our menu. Once you click it, you will be navigated to our Instagram followers service page or you can directly go to this URL

Step 3:

On that page, you can see various packages by simply clicking the drop-down Instagram Followers (Choose an option). Just select the package you wish to buy.

Step 4:

In the text box Instagram URL/Username, you should write your Instagram username in the text area down below. We can not provide Instagram followers to private accounts so please ensure that your account settings are public.

Step 5:

Now you can easily check the actual cost of your order, add click on Add to Cart. In this way, you get the opportunity to buy Instagram followers and likes together in one order. Either order more services for Instagram likes and Instagram views or even cross-platforms services like Facebook, Twitter or, YouTube. Nowadays everyone is on all the social media platforms so you should boost your presence everywhere.

Step 6:

Once you have selected all the social media marketing services that you desire, you can proceed to checkout. On the checkout page, you can apply Coupon code insta10 to get a 10% instant discount. We want to serve all our customers in the best possible way so we give them as much discount as we can.

Step 7:

On the checkout page, you just need to enter your billing detail and select your desired payment option. We allow our customers to select the best payment gateway they are comfortable with. If you want to pay a direct invoice in your local currency, please contact us, we will send it to you.

Step 8:

Once you make a successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email from us within 12-24 hours. We send it as soon as your payment is cleared by the bank, but the maximum time is 24 hours. Just reply to the confirmation email and we will start working on your order.

Thanks for your trust and for selecting the best site to buy followers, BuyTrueFollowers! We will instantly start processing your order as soon as we receive the query. Please note that we do not provide Instagram followers free trial, you can try our base package to check the quality of our service.

We appreciate the honest feedback and even criticism. Our team always tries to deliver the best followers and likes, but there is always a scope of improvement for everyone. BuyTrueFollowers would like to hear from you about our Instagram followers service, please do provide reviews and testimonials and share your experience.

Why You should purchase Instagram Followers?

Instagram’s social media platform has exploded in popularity due to the public’s interest in visual media. If you want to market anything these days, you need to use the site everyone watches. People come here for an inexpensive way to share experiences, recommendations, and their marketing messages. Established influencer’s and new users alike constantly need an influx of cheap Instagram followers to succeed.

To grow your authority and brand value on Instagram, you need to be active on the platform regularly. Post regularly, reply to comments, engage in other people’s posts, and follow them. You can not achieve this with few followers since it is not good for your image. Social Media Marketing expert, BuyTrueFollowers, provides the best service to you so you can easily buy cheap Instagram followers. This will help you grow on Instagram.

Features on Instagram to help you gain real followers

You can use a variety of features provided by the platform to enhance the experience of the users who visits your profile. Instagram keeps on innovating and add new features so you can stand out with good creative content. But when you combine the power of these features with Instagram followers service provided by BuyTrueFollowers, the results will be 10X.

  • You can convert to a business account and avail of many unique features to track the followers you gain organically by your self and the quality followers you buy from us. Easily get insights into your followers and how they interact with your posts and stories.
  • Add information about your company like business hours, location and phone number, and website links. See the increase in the number of people who click on the link and calls on your business after you purchase real Instagram followers from BuyTrueFollowers.
  • You can also buy views for your videos and use the highly controversial “Stories” feature, which is solely responsible for a motion that sums up to 500 million individual users a day. You can easily get real-time metrics on how your stories and promoted posts perform throughout the day.
  • To enhance your content, you can use Boomerang, Hyperlapse, and Layout on Instagram. These three content enhancers in combination with buying likes from us will increase the engagement rate.
  • With Instagram Live Video, all your purchased genuine Instagram followers will get a push notification that you are live, and they can like and comment on it.
  • IGTV, an app inside Instagram is a cool feature for the content creator where they can share a 1-hour long video. All the real followers for Instagram bought from us will watch the content of IGTV.

Benefits of Instagram for Businesses and Individuals

Instagram has more than 1 billion individual active users. One should never underestimate the authority and influence Instagram marketing can have on your brand. Any person with great aspiration to reach worldwide audience can never defy the importance of organic Instagram marketing and buying real followers on Instagram.

Whether you have a business profile or a personal profile on Instagram, buying real followers from BuyTrueFollowers will benefit you a lot.

For business, it will help you reach a worldwide audience and improve brand value. For an individual, gaining more active followers will help you become more popular and earn living from the influence.

After gaining quality Instagram followers, you can easily convince people to follow you and your value as an influencer or business will get a huge boost. You need to take action to showcase your talent and value to all your future audience, purchasing followers on Instagram will help you change the course of action of Instagram marketing.

But people or business who are just starting now faces many problems trying to build a solid ground on this social media behemoth. These people need to devote more time to gain followers organically and buy followers and likes from BuyTrueFollowers.

People may think negatively that already tons of brands and individuals have built their audience on IG. They will always wonder; would it be possible for them to create a brand on IG at this stage?

The answer is yes, it is possible, and you’ll see how. There are enough people on Insta (more than 1 billion) as your target audience.

Main Ideology Behind Buying Instagram Followers

Marketing experts always have concerns over buying followers, and their concern is accurate to some extent. Fake profiles devalue your account. If you buy bots and fake followers, there will be a negative effect on your Instagram account. The negative opinion is against the spammy bots and certainly fake followers. BuyTrueFollowers provides real followers so it will boost your profile. When you buy real followers from BuyTrueFollowers, you’re investing in your profile and appeasing the notorious algorithm of Instagram. We make sure you get high-quality real Instagram followers.

Case study to show how buying followers will help grow business:

Suppose you just opened a restaurant and you have a great staff and a chef, but you are not active on social media or say Instagram. But your competitor who also has similar caliber staff and chef is active on Instagram, posts about the food, and reviews of the customers. The sales of your competitor are way more than your sales. So, you decide to start posting on Instagram, but you have very few followers so people who visit your profile do not show much interest and you gain very little to no followers. This will not improve your sales.

What’s the solution? You buy 25K followers and 5K auto likes for posts. Bang…!! You see the organic followers increase dramatically and you get more engagement. This is called the herd effect, where people see more crowd, they follow them. Seeing more followers attracted to your account more people will follow you organically and in turn, they come to your restaurant or order online from you to try the amazing food which 25K people have already tried. That’s how buying followers will help you.

Buy Followers for These Top Benefits

The bigger your IG audience, the more marketing reach you can claim. This boosts your online popularity and improves your brand’s reputation. Just imagine how easy it will be to sell more products or attract more clients your services when you have an audience that considers you an influencer. When you buy from us, you get the following benefits:

  • Larger Global Audience

Enjoy a huge international audience for your products or services. The business world has gone global these days, and you need a way to attract attention around the world. We deliver quality followers for you. Also, any burst in popularity will fuel its continued growth. it is the hardest to get to your first hundred and thousand followers. When you start your Instagram account initially people will be unwilling to engage with your profile even if you have good content because they see very few followers.

However, if you buy some followers, you will have a good following from the beginning, and you won’t have to beg people for a follow by hijacking posts or spamming DMs.

  • More Page Traffic Than Ever Before

Buying real Instagram followers at cheap rates will not just create popularity, which fuels your success both on and off the platform but also saves a lot of money. Higher numbers result in higher amounts of exposure. This can follow your brand off IG, too, and increase traffic on your website and other social media pages. Seeing more followers on your profile will raise the curious nature of your profile visitors, and they will wonder what’s all that hype about. Hence, you will receive more clicks and traffic.

  • Forge Connections and Boost Your Networking Reach

When you get genuine followers, you have the opportunity to build professional relationships with people who can help you succeed. The people are active, real, and interested in what you have to share.

  • Increase Your IG Reputation

More people use the Instagram social media site because it helps you build brand reputation and attract more attention from people who look for the best. The more followers you have, the more likely people will share your posts and pictures to their followers as well. A new feature will be unlocked on Instagram after getting to 10k followers on Instagram. You can start adding swipe-able links to your Stories like users with blue ticks can do. This will boost your reputation.

  • Gain Visibility, Impact, and Sales

The more you have, the more you reach. This allows you to position yourself at the top of your industry or niche and sell more products or services than ever before. An Instagram impact builds trust and lets people know the value your brand provides. You can get followers from us and devote your time to improve your product or service you’re going to provide for your target audience.

  • Make Marketing Easier and More Effective

Buying real followers on Instagram may allow you to bypass complicated marketing methods and move straight to the head of the profit line. You can focus on products and services, and we will focus on sending you the best active IG followers possible. Trust is everything when you sell anything, and there is no better way to make people realize that you’re a reputable seller than featuring your testimonials under the mask of your followers.

  • Get Boost on all Social Media Platforms

Buying followers will not only boost Instagram presence but also your profiles on other social media platforms. Nowadays, everyone has a presence on all major social networks so all social media platforms cross paths at some point.

When people see that you have 5k or more followers on Instagram, they will be curious to check your other social media profiles too. There is a high probability that they will follow your other accounts too.

You should consider buying Twitter followers and Facebook followers to boost your visitors on other major social media platforms. In that way, you can also balance your metrics.


What is the Future of Instagram?

According to most industry commentators, Instagram – and social media in general – is looking at a very bright future. The implementation of IGTV – Instagram’s new fully optimized video service – is a sure sign that those behind Instagram are looking very solidly at how things will shape up in the future. The platform will likely be the biggest competition to the established video-sharing platform – YouTube – and if you’re looking to boost your profile, then it’s something you must look at. What is impressive is that IGTV has been carefully created to be mobile-friendly. Videos will look great on a smartphone screen, and that is the way social media is bound future-wise.

Also of interest in the future of Instagram is how the platform will adapt as it grows (and it is among the fastest-growing of all the social media platforms). Now that smartphones are the most-used medium in accessing online content, the logical step is to move towards optimization for that format, and Instagram has already shown that to be its intention. Look also for improvements n terms of activity tracking and analytical options – which are already offered to Instagram users – as demand for more accurate data of this sort begins to rise.

Instagram is also the main social media portal for ‘influencers’, those who garner massive followers for their content and exert a notable influence on users and investors. What is happening, and it is and will continue to be encouraged by Instagram, is that the tide is turning in favor of so-called ‘micro-influencers’ who are not celebrities as such, yet have formed relationships with known brands. Users will always trust someone who is ‘like them’ promoting a brand, rather than a famous face whom they know is being paid vast amounts to do so.

Instagram is set to grow in usage and popularity as we get deeper into the 2020s, so keep your hand in and make sure you follow the trends.

The Importance of Social Proof?

What is Social Proof? Put simply, it’s actual evidence that your brand is legitimate, thus engendering trust in your brand by those you need onboard. It is, again quite simply, essential if you are to succeed in your online marketing and business endeavor. Social proof takes several forms, so let’s talk about a few of these:

Notable Testimony – a brand or product that has some form of expert commendation will be trusted above those that do not. This is especially so in markets such as well-being and fitness, where the testimony of someone with credible knowledge is a massive boost. Note, we’re not talking celebrity in this instance, but perhaps scientific studies.

Researchable Credentials – any credentials that people can check and discover to be factual will help where social proof is concerned. For example, you need to have an LLC registered name that can be checked, or display any relevant certificates. Many potential clients will not check these things, but others will put a lot of weight on knowing your business is a legitimate one.

Celebrity Approval – as opposed to the testimony mentioned above, if you have a celebrity endorsing your product is not only engenders trust but guarantees your brand much greater exposure. We live in a world where celebrity culture is at an all-time high, and a known face promoting your brand is a bonus. It’s even better if they are relevant to the product and – if you provide a local service – someone knew and with gravitas in the local area.

Proof by Numbers – on social media, the popularity of your brand or product is perhaps the biggest factor in engendering trust and brand loyalty. New customers will put a lot of importance on the number of followers you have, the number of shares your posts inspire, how many views you get. The bigger these numbers, the greater chance you are going to have of growing your brand.

Social media is massive – make no mistake about how powerful it is – and Instagram can help your brand get to people very quickly and very successfully. With the above elements of Social Proof in place, you can expect to get a lot more leads.

Why Credibility Matters

Following on from the above brief passages about Social Proof, it’s important to understand just why credibility as a brand is so important. Take a step back and imagine yourself as the consumer. You want to buy, let’s say, for example, a new car. You know that you want a four-door sedan, a family car. Immediately, several brands spring to mind: Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, and Honda, let’s say. You know these brands because they are established, they are credible, and they have a great deal of social proof.

Now let’s say somebody tells you to check out Geely automobiles. You don’t know who they are, you check online, and while they turn out to be real and legitimate, as a Chinese brand not established in the US. They don’t carry the same credibility as the brands mentioned. Their cars may be excellent, but because you are swayed by the credibility of the other brands, you’re most likely to buy one of those.

There will come a time when Geely takes on well-known celebrities to promote its vehicles when it starts advertising with notable testimonies when it begins to become established in the market. Then, it will join the ranks of credible auto brands.

The same applies to your brand or product. You need credibility to get the clients you need, and Instagram can help give you that by way of you growing your viewers, followers, shares, and so on. If you have 100 followers, and a competitor has 2000, you don’t have the credibility needed to take business from them.

There is absolutely no doubt that Instagram as a platform is essential for the organic growth of a brand. It pays to start working on social proof and credibility at the earliest possible point. If you want to become an established brand, you need to be credible, and Instagram is a great place to start.

What do I do if my order for followers doesn’t come through?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, if you still haven’t received your services even after 48 hours, do let us know either through our live chat or email and we’ll get right on it.

How safe is buying Instagram followers for our account?

Since we use real Instagram followers for your account, you are at no risk of being banned or facing other negative actions. We have had several instances of returning customers and they are extremely happy and secure with our services. We have provided upto 300K followers to many people, some of them are well known celebrities.

Where can I buy active Instagram followers?

BuyTrueFollowers only sells genuine and active instagram followers to our clients on our website. We make sure that you have Instagram followers delivered to help your business grow.

What kind of support do you provide?

We have a comprehensive support team which is available to our clients readily and through holidays as well. You can either get in touch with us through email or chat.

How quickly does my buy Instagram followers order come through?

Our Instagram packages are mostly started within 24-48 hours. However, there might be a few days when requirements are high and we might not be able to deliver it within the stipulated time.

Do you require my Instagram password?

Unlike most other service providers out there, BuyTrueFollowers do not require your password for our processes to work. This is because we do not manipulate your account and make sure that your data remains private, and away from prying eyes.

Does buying followers help my Instagram account?

When it comes to a social media platform like Instagram, the number of followers a brand has is proportional to how successful they are. These are accrued over a really long time. When you buy Instagram followers from BuyTrueFollowers, you are getting years worth of followers in one go. This can help your brand compete against much bigger brands in your niche.

If I buy followers how much likes/engagement will I get ?

Since all followers and subscribers are real people, it depends on them how much engagement they will show. We can not predict about how much engagement you will get.

Are all followers Real ?

Yes, all followers/subscribers are real people from world wide location.

How much time do you take to start an order?

We try our best to start your as early as we can. But due to heavy load sometime it may take upto 48 hours to start your order. If you order is not started within 48 hours, please contact us via email (

Why should I buy Instagram Followers?

The more followers you have, the greater your reach and influence on social media, and if you are promoting a product or service, that is the most important thing. When you are starting out, growing your audience is a real challenge, and this is where buying followers comes in. You get an instant increase in your follower numbers, which in turn means your brand reaches more people, and that leads to faster organic growth.
That growth leads to increased numbers of likes, and that plays into the Instagram algorithms to get your page placed on the explore page, which itself leads to increased, targeted traffic and more followers. In short, buying Instagram followers means you don’t start your social media journey from nothing, instead you get a boost to get you going.
Why struggle in that early phase, when the team here at can kick-start your Instagram success quickly and simply? The choice is straightforward, a long struggle to build a following from nothing, or buying followers and getting your brand out there on the explore page.

Are you looking to buy Instagram likes instead? Click here to see our real likes deals.

How long does it take to deliver the order?

Once you make the decision to kick-start your Instagram account and buy followers, you want to get started straight away. Delays cost you money by delaying putting your brand out there. Unlike others, who can take many days to get started, our system is designed to work for you, with followers appearing in as little as 48 hours. Simply order your followers and make sure that your page is public, and we can do the rest.

What are the risks? Could I be banned from Instagram?

We have served many celebrities, bloggers, and well known Instagram sensations. We have delivered more than 200K followers to many clients and no one was ever banned.

There are no risks, and with our state-of-the-art processes, you will never be banned from Instagram. As with every aspect of our service, we take your security seriously, in fact we have created a unique and innovative approach to follower acquisition that means your account is never at risk of banning through inactive followers.
Everything we do is constantly updated to maintain compliance with Instagram policy as it changes, and with thousands of pages under our belts, and not one being banned, you can have confidence in everything we do, just enjoy the results.


How long with my followers last?

We only supply high-quality followers who obey Instagram guidelines, so you won’t lose them. We encourage our followers to maintain following for as long as possible, and also monitor your account for a few weeks to ensure you maintain the target number of followers required.

How can I pay for my followers?

To keep things simple and ensure your security, we use PayPal for all our payments. In our experience it is the safest option for online payments, we don’t store your details or receive any kind of card information, and with it’s instant payment, we can get on gaining your followers as soon as you order.

If you do not wish to use PayPal, please contact us. You can use your debit/credit card directly. We will send invoice for that.

Is it legal to buy followers on Instagram?

The concept that buying followers are prohibited is a complete fantasy. Although buying low quality bot followers does violate the Instagram rules and terms of Service, becoming banned can easily be avoided by buying high-quality followers from BuyTrueFollowers.

We have high quality, non bot real Instagram followers that does not violate any Instagram policy.

We have written complete analysis here.

Why should I choose for Instagram followers?

We are a customer focused company who put one thing above all else, customer satisfaction. That means that we provide the best, professional service for every client, every time. Whether you are ordering Instagram followers, likes or high-quality views, you can be sure you get the best outcome with
From the quality of the service itself to the purchase and support experience, we work hard to deliver everything you need and ensure that you get the results you desire. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why if you order followers from us, you will start seeing then in just 48 hours. With other companies, it can take days for even the first followers to appear, and that means days without that extra reach, days where your business could be soaring, but instead are stuck waiting for lift-off. Not with though, we get you going quickly.
Quality matters too, not all followers are created equal, and we guarantee that followers are all high-quality, and with thousands of satisfied customers, the results of that commitment to quality speak for themselves. Its simple too, after you have ordered and paid for your follower package, your Instagram page is entered into our system until your purchased number of followers is reached. We offer full customer support, and in the unlikely case that you are not happy with the outcome, we are there to find a way to remedy the situation.

Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?

No, if you follow someone on Instagram, you just click follow, right? That is how our system works, we don’t do anything to your account, we just get you followers in that same way, they follow you by clicking follow, it’s that simple!
You may see apps that claim to get you more followers, and they often require access to your account, meaning you give them your password and other login details. We recommend you avoid those entirely, as this is a method that Instagram can detect, and often results in a frozen or banned Instagram account.

What is a high-quality follower?

Quality is perhaps the most important attribute for any follower, large numbers may impress, but if those followers are not active, then it is pointless. When we say that followers are high-quality, we mean that they behave in a realistic, natural manner and they remain followers for an extended period.
There are many claims made about followers by our competitors, claims that often fail to deliver, but as an honest company, will simply say that we offer high-quality followers at great prices, and we deliver quickly with excellent support and customer service.

How much is it to buy followers on Instagram?

Buying Instagram followers is insanely simple and has come to be comparatively affordable. In 2011, Forbes reported you could get 1,000 followers for $13. Presently, there are multiple sites, such as BuyTrueFollowers, Where You Are Able to get as many as 10,000 followers for significantly less than $80

Are you ready to get started then?

With instant ordering and fast response, you could be gaining new followers in as little as 48 hours from now, so what are you waiting for? Kick-start your Instagram account today and you are on your way to becoming an Instagram star.
With our robust, easy to use and competitively prices packages, exceptional support and friendly customer service team, we have everything you need to build your Instagram following right now. Whether you need just a few followers or thousands, our fast delivery and unmatched support will get the results you are looking for.
Order your followers today and begin your Instagram journey.

Is brand awareness crucial on Instagram?

Instagram in an incredibly useful tool for your brand today, enabling you to reach beyond your existing audience and put your brand in front of large numbers of potential customers who may never have heard of you before. Because social media is now a part of people’s lives, you reach them where they spend time, and are more likely to embrace your brand.
The simple fact is, people are more likely to respond positively to a useful Instagram post than they are an advert, they will remember your brand, and that raised awareness is central to the effectiveness of Instagram and other social media, its marketing without the hard sell, and it’s incredibly effective.