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Having a good number of video views is as crucial as having a large following on Instagram. Your quality of videos largely depend on the number of views they get. Even if you have an awesome video, it might go unnoticed in the absence of sufficient views to back it up. If your video lacks in views, people are not going to find it appealing. Buying Instagram video views enhances the reputation of your videos and more people will want to check out not only your videos, but also your Instagram profile.



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How to buy views on Instagram?

Our process of buying Instagram views is really simple and fast. With us, you do not have to go through complex or difficult to understand steps. Here are three simple steps in our process:


Choose package: We have so many packages available for Instagram video views. All you need to do is go through different packages of video views and choose the right one. In order to choose the right package, you need to consider factors like your budget, the number of video views you want, etc. If you don’t find the package as per your requirements, feel free to contact our support team.


Enter the details: After selecting the right package (depending on your requirements), the next step is to enter the details and make payment. Don’t worry, we will not ask your account’s private information such as login details. We will just need the link to your Instagram video which requires views.


See the magic: Once you provide us your video link and make the payment, we will start working on delivering the service. You do not have to wait so long to get this video views service delivered. You will start seeing the increase in your video views within a few hours.

Step 1

Select Package

Step 3

Complete the checkout and Watch your profile Grow

Step 2

Enter URL & Add to Cart

Why buy Instagram video views from BuyTrueFollowers?

Fast delivery of video views

The issue most people face when they buy Instagram video views is taking time to get views on their videos. After publishing a video on Instagram, you don’t want to wait so long to get views delivered on your preferred videos. When your followers see the sudden spike in the number of total views, it can damage your reputation. By choosing us for the video views service, you won’t face this issue. We have a team of people working to provide various Instagram services. Once you choose the right plan and make the payment, our team will start working on delivering your service.

Secure payment

Are you worried too much about the security of your payment? Don’t worry, with BuyTrueFollowers, there’s nothing to worry about. We understand how important it is to ensure the payment security of our customers. At BuyTrueFollowers, we make sure the payment you make through your preferred payment method is safe and secure. To buy our video views service, you can make payment with your credit card with our most secure & trusted payment methods.

No password required

We understand how important it is to keep your login details and private information secured. Unlike many other Instagram views service providers, we do not ask password or any private information from our clients. In fact, we always recommend our customers keep their private information secured and do not provide them to anyone. Providing information like your Instagram account’s password or any other private information is like putting your account at risk.

Real video views

Do you want to get real views on your Instagram videos? For a new Instagram influencer, seeing growth on his/her Instagram handle takes time. This is because Instagram does not give a boost to very new accounts. When you buy cheap Instagram video views service from us, you can get real engagement on your Instagram account and start seeing the growth. Unlike many other marketers and service providers, we do not deliver fake video views or views through bots to our customers.

Live support

If you are stuck somewhere or have doubts regarding our Instagram video views service, we have a team of customer support to help you out. Our support team works day and night to solve the queries and help our clients. The good thing is we provide non-stop support. It means you do not have to wait for a particular time to reach us and get your doubts solved. You can contact our team at any time of the day and get your queries resolved.


Are you concerned so much about your Instagram account’s privacy? Don’t worry, we will keep your Instagram account name private. We are providing different Instagram services since long ago and during this time period, we have worked for different small, medium, and big Instagram influencers & marketers. One of the major reasons why so many influencers prefer using our service instead of any of our competitors’ is because we keep their account’s details private.

Reasons to Buy Instagram Views

Increase your Instagram page growth

The first and main reason why people buy Instagram views for videos is to boost the growth of their Instagram page. If you are one of those online business owners or Instagram influencers who is facing difficulty with the page growth, then you should consider trying video views service. As Instagram has made so many changes in its algorithm, and also, there is a spike in the number of business pages and influencers on Instagram, there’s a decline in engagement on this platform. If you don’t want to wait so long to see growth on your Instagram account, it is always a good idea to use Instagram services such as video views.

Build social proof

The number of Instagram followers you have, the number of likes your posts get, the number of comments your posts get, the number of views your videos get, etc. matters so much on this platform. With the help of Instagram views service, you can build social proof on your account. Getting views will not just help you increase the growth of your Instagram page, but it will also help you build the social proof and brand, as an Instagram influencer or Instagram business page.

Attract more viewers

Another reason why influencers buy Instagram views and likes is to attract more and more users on their content and Instagram profiles. When any of your video gets a huge number of views, people are likely to watch it and also go through your profile. But, if your video does not have enough views, people may not even watch that video full and they may not go through your Instagram profile. For example, if someone finds your video on a particular hashtag or on Explore page when you have published high-quality video content and they also see a huge number of views on your video, they are more likely to go through your Instagram profile and also follow you.

Increase reach

Are your Instagram videos are not reaching to enough people? This is the same problem with almost all newbie Instagram influencers and pages. Nowadays, people are seeing engagement just from the existing followers they have on their page, and not seeing much engagement from other sources. This problem can be solved by buying engagement. When you buy real views on Instagram, it makes Instagram algorithm think that more and more people are watching your content. This way, the platform helps to increase the reach of your different posts.

Why business and Influencers buy views from BuyTrueFollowers?

Over time, the number of businesses and pages on Instagram has been increased so much. With such a huge increment in the total number of Instagram business pages, it has been difficult for the new page to get expected engagement on this platform. Another reason why marketers, Instagram influencers, and business owners are facing difficulty growing on this platform is due to changes in the Instagram algorithm. If you are also one of those digital marketers or Instagram influencers facing difficulty to get enough engagement on your Instagram page, you should consider using different Instagram services. This is when the role of BuyTrueFollowers comes in. At BuyTrueFollowers, we provide different services for Instagram, like Instagram video views, followers, and likes. You can buy Instagram followers cheap from us and gain incredible advantage over other businesses. Instagram video views is one of our popular services. Various well-known influencers buy Instagram video views, followers and likes, etc. from us. This helps them grow their profiles faster. If you have never bought Instagram views before, your main question would be why should I buy Instagram views?

Buy Real & Cheap Instagram Views from $1!

Different social media platforms are booming right now. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have a huge audience base. With so much of people using these platforms, it can be a great opportunity for marketers and business owners to utilize these platforms.

Among different social media platforms, Instagram is a popular one. It has over 1 billion active users. Talking about audience type, Instagram has 63% of the audience age between 18 to 34. If your business has a target audience for less than 35 years, then Instagram can be the best platform for you. If you want to grow your business online, this platform can work best for you.

Apart from growing your business online, Instagram can also be used for building a personal brand. Or, you can even create Instagram niche pages and share your content on them. In short, there are so many ways of using Instagram and also of making money from Instagram. The important thing is you need to deliver what exactly your target audience is looking for.

People like to see short video more than they view images, if you can make video, we will make sure to share it with the millions of worldwide audience. When you buy cheap Instagram views from us, we deliver 100% real views at very reasonable price, package starts from $1.

What you gain when you buy Instagram video views?

These days brands are telling their stories through Instagram photos and videos. Consistently posting pictures and videos is an awesome way to build brand awareness and boost your business. Users are more interested in Instagram videos than pictures and have higher likelihood of getting viral. You can try our service and can buy cheap Instagram video views to make your video popular among netizens. In addition. to improve engagement rate you can also buy Instagram Likes from us and become famous.

Hence, Buy True Followers is helping you boost your business need to boost and popularity on the internet. Other than that, here are some other benefits that you can reap by buying Instagram video views.

  1. Get found on explore page: If you are just starting on Instagram, it is not easy for you to get found your content on the explore page. Instagram has an Explore section where it displays content to the users as per their interest. In that section, you will find photos and videos that are most engaging and ones that got the best response from the users. So if you create a new Instagram account and publish content, it is like impossible to be on the explore section. In order to get your content found in that section, you need the help of Instagram services. If you are publishing video content, you should buy our video views service. When your videos will get a high number of views, it will increase the chances of getting ranked on Instagram’s explore page.
  2. Increase opportunities: Instagram is full of opportunities. In order to get more and more opportunities on this platform, your Instagram needs to have enough engagement and traction. For a completely new Instagram user, gaining opportunities is like almost impossible. If you don’t want to wait so long for your account to grow, you should take the help of various services. For example, by buying real Instagram video views, you increase the reach of your content and gain better traction from your audience. This way, when your account has a good enough audience, brands start collaborating with you.

BuyTrueFollowers is the number one Instagram Views Provider

At Buy True Followers, we provide good quality, real views. When you buy real Instagram views from us, we offer superior levels of service with minimal cost. We keep our process simple to avoid hassles and inconvenience to our customers.

We understand that the quantity and quality of views is quite important for your business to market your products and services. That is why we ensure that we provide you only unique and genuine views.We offer you options when it comes to packages you can choose from. They have been carefully crafted to accommodate your unique needs.

Best site to Buy Instagram Views in 2020

  1. No risk of decrease : The problem you will face by using the service of majority Instagram service providers is the decrease in engagement after purchasing the service. With BuyTrueFollowers, you will not have to face this kind of issue. The reason is simple, we deliver real video views. Instagram reduces engagement such as views, likes, comments, etc. when it detects the engagement to be fake. At BuyTrueFollowers, we do not use bots or automation for delivering the service, hence, there will be no risk of a decrease in your Instagram video views.
  2. Cost-effective : One of the main things you need to consider before buying Instagram video views service from any website or service provider is the cost of different packages. It is obvious that you want to buy Instagram views cheap, but the problem is not all the service providers provide real Instagram views cheap. This is when our role comes in. At BuyTrueFollowers, we have different packages available for different requirements. Depending on your requirements, you need to choose the right package. No matter which package you select, each of them is low-priced and delivers views from real, high-quality Instagram accounts.

The Ultimate Guide to Gain Instagram Views

Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram views:

  1. The future of Instagram
  2. Followers, Likes, Views
  3. Quality content is the key
  4. Why getting real views is important?
  5. Final Thought
  6. The Future of Instagram

Instagram is a popular photo & video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. Instagram was released in the year 2010. Over time, we have seen so many changes on this platform. It was started just as a photo-sharing platform, but at present, it allows users to upload photos, short videos, long videos (IGTVs), and stories.

Instagram crossed 100 million users mark in 2013, 500 million users mark in 2016, and in the year 2018, it crossed 1 billion users mark. The number of users on Instagram is still expected to grow exponentially in the future.

  1. Followers, Likes, Views

On any social media network, engagement plays a crucial role. Talking about Instagram, followers, likes, and video views are very important. To help influencers and marketers grow their Instagram accounts, we provide different types of Instagram services. You can buy followers, likes, and views from us.

The price will be based on factors like service you choose, the number of followers/likes/views you want, and when you want the service to get delivered. At BuyTrueFollowers, we offer our users instant delivery of our services, without charging extra money.

  1. Quality content is the key

To succeed in any online platform, the important thing is creating high-quality and relevant content. Over time, the number of Instagram influencers and pages are increased, due to which the competition has been raised. To survive in such a competitive environment, you need to consistently deliver something quality and engaging to your audience.

When your followers stop engaging with your content, Instagram reduces the reach of your content. Hence, quality content is the key to Instagram success.

  1. Why getting real views is important?

You must have seen people buying so much of fake followers, likes, and video views. This approach is totally wrong. If you want to grow faster on Instagram, you need to use the service of someone who actually delivers real engagement to its customers. At BuyTrueFollowers, we use real, active Instagram profiles for delivering likes, views, followers, etc. on our customers’ profiles.

People buy fake engagement on their Instagram just because they get it for very cheap. Getting fake likes, views, followers can be very cheap, but it can negatively affect your Instagram account.

  1. Final Thoughts

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. With so much of an audience on this platform, it’s a great opportunity for marketers and influencers to leverage this platform. Due to the increase in competition, getting faster growth on this platform has been difficult.

If you want to genuinely and organically grow your Instagram profile, it is a great idea to buy different Instagram services. At BuyTrueFollowers, we provide all types of services related to Instagram. The growth will be faster as we use real profiles to deliver our services.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • 1 : What is Instagram views service and why do I need it?
  • Instagram is one of the top social media platforms out there. This growing platform can be used for promoting your business or also for building a personal brand. Over time, the competition on this platform has been increased, due to which, marketers and influencers using this social media platform are seeing a decline in engagement. This is when the importance of Instagram services comes in. For social proof and brand credibility, it is a great idea to buy real Instagram engagement. Instagram views service is for short Instagram videos as well as for IGTV videos. By buying this service, you can build social proof so that your audience can see that your videos are getting good enough views.

  • 2 : Can Instagram views service help me grow?
  • Yes, this service can help you grow your Instagram account. The important thing is you need to get this service from the website which provides real views. At BuyTrueFollowers, we always focus on the satisfaction of our customers. To satisfy our customers and help them grow their Instagram account, we deliver video views from real and high-quality Instagram profiles. When your Instagram videos get engagement from high-quality profiles, it helps you grow your account faster.

  • 3 : Will you ask for my account's password?
  • No, we will never ask for the password of your account. We understand how important it is for you to keep your Instagram account secured. Unlike many other service providers, we never ask for the Instagram account’s password or any other private information from our clients. We highly recommend you buy the Instagram video views from the website or service provider who does not ask for the account’s private details. To safely get the service delivered to your video, it is essential to keep your Instagram account public.

  • 4 : Is there any chance that my Instagram account will be banned?
  • Not with BuyTrueFollowers. As BuyTrueFollowers delivers genuine and quality service to its customers, there are no chances that your account will be banned by using our service. The reason why we can say that your account will not get banned through our service is that we do not use bots or automation for the delivery of our service. If you buy Instagram video views from the service provider which uses automation or bots, then there are high chances that your account gets banned by Instagram. This is because Instagram can easily spot the difference between bot accounts and real accounts. So many popular Instagram influencers are already using our different services, they have never faced any issue.

  • 5 : How much time it will take to receive the service after making the payment?
  • We know, how important it is for you to start getting views on your Instagram video just after uploading. This is important because your followers can see the high number of views on your video. To satisfy our clients, we deliver the service fast. Unlike other service providers, we will not take long to deliver. After you choose the right package, enter your details, and make the payment, our team will start working on delivering the service to your Instagram video. Within a few hours, all the views you order will be delivered to your profile.

  • 6 : Can video views decrease in time due to Instagram updates?
  • No, there are no chances that your video views will be decreased, no matter of Instagram’s updates. When the Instagram video is watched, it is counted as views, hence, it is not possible that views on your video will be decreased over time or due to Instagram updates. There are chances your video views get decreased when the views are gained through automation or bots. As BuyTrueFollowers does not make use of bots to deliver the service, there’s nothing to worry about getting your video views decreased

  • 7 : I can't see the Instagram views package I want, what should I do?
  • At BuyTrueFollowers, you will find different packages for our different Instagram services. For Instagram video views service as well, we have many packages available. Depending on your requirements, you need to select the right package. If you want to order in bulk and can’t find the package for your requirement, you can contact our support team. For your custom order requirements, one of our support team members will help you know how many views your different Instagram videos need.

  • 8 : Why I should buy Instagram views from you, not from your competitors?
  • For various social media engagement, you will find so many websites and service providers providing the same service. With so many websites providing the same service, it can be a bit tough to understand which one is genuine and which one isn’t. With BuyTrueFollowers, you will get Instagram video views from real and high-quality profiles. So if you want to grow your account faster and organically, you should use our service. Another reason why you should use our service and not of our competitors is our pricing structure. We have designed our pricing structure in such a manner that all kind of Instagram influencers can afford it. Apart from this, our customer support is very responsive. If you are stuck somewhere or you have any confusion related to the service, our support team will help you out.

  • 9 : Will your service help me get featured on the explore page?
  • What’s better for an influencer than getting his/her Instagram posts featured on the explore page? It is like impossible for a new Instagram account to get a position on the explore page. If you want to increase the growth of your account and boost its credibility faster, you can buy Instagram views. By purchasing views on your Instagram videos, you send Instagram a signal that your videos are engaging and people are liking to watch them. This way, Instagram starts to increase the reach of your videos and later it may feature your content on the explore section.

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This is the BEST service I’m so happy I found it

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the quality was totally perfect

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I bought 5000 views. I bought views to my post and videos that made an awareness on my brand which helped me to achieve a high

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Buytruefollowers is to keep my followers growth consistent until I can get back out there!

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I am a freelance marketer and I was in a bit of a bind over follower levels with a few clients that I manage social media for. The content I was producing for them just wasn’t gaining the traction I needed, even with sponsored ads. So I started looking for alternatives to get their pages up and running and decided that buying followers to get them started was the best option since my contracts depend on the result I’m producing Once I bought acouple thousand followers for each page, they took off and new follower numbers have been fairly consistent ever since! Engagement has gone up on the posts and I even managed to get one of them verified on Instagram which has been a huge win for me

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Tried other services like this but none of them compare. Buytruefollowers has the best speed, quality and prices around.

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