20 proven ways of getting more retweets on Twitter

Do you log in to your Twitter account in the hope that your account will have attracted more traffic? Well, you are no different from the rest of us! One of the best strategies of getting more traffic in your account is to post something that will cause a retweet revolution.

The biggest question now would be how does someone get people to retweet their post on Twitter? You have great content and your followers know it but that is not where it ends; try these 20 tips for more retweets:

  1. Use most tweetable words – out of over 30 million tweets that were analyzed, it was discovered people responded better to tweets that bore a vibrant message, directed people to do something or pointed to the positive nature of something.
  2. Use up to 6 mentions in your tweets.
  3. If it flows with your content, use a number in your tweet, any number.
  4. Optimize your tweet to be around 70 to 100 words such that people who want to retweet do not need to edit.
  5. Give your tweets a personality by including exclamation marks and emojis.
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  7. Post your tweets at a time when most people are logged in to the platform. Analytics indicate that 48% of Twitter users are in EST.
  8. Be generous with retweets and your followers will follow suit.


  1. If the nature of your tweets allows it, use more caps.
  2. Space out your tweets throughout the day- use a schedule if you do not have time to keep posting.
  3. Tweet about anything but yourself.
  4. Tweet important information right after a quote tweet – people tend to get inspired by quotes that define them or the lives they lead.
  5. Establish what is trending and tweet about it.
  6. Use hash tags because people will retweet on such posts to be part of a large movement.
  7. Include pictures in your tweets.
  8. Have retweet buttons all over your blog posts to make it convenient to retweet and to keep reminding readers that they need to.
  9. Include links in your tweets as it makes the posts easy to read and respond to them.
  10. Offer something in return for a tweet – offer information, chance to win something or free reading material to people who retweet your posts. It will amaze you.
  11. Build a network or retweeters – once in a while, request some of your influencers to retweet one of your posts so their network can view and retweet.
  12. Talk about Twitter in your post.

Hope these tips help you get more twitter followers, retweets and likes.