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20 proven ways of getting more retweets on Twitter

Do you log in to your Twitter account in the hope that your account will have attracted more traffic? Well, you are no different from the rest of us! One of the best strategies of getting more traffic in your account is to post something that will cause a retweet revolution. The biggest question now would be how does someone get people to retweet their post on Twitter? You have great content and your followers know it but that is [...]


How to Get More Twitter Followers

A common topic of discussion now a day’s is the number of twitter followers one has. As a high twitter following means that you have an influence among people and people listen to what you have to say. For brands and businesses, this is a matter of serious influence. A higher twitter follower count indicates your industry influence, and how much customers are looking forward to the content you post. Twitter is regarded as the most influential platform for [...]