How to Get More Twitter Followers

A common topic of discussion now a day’s is the number of twitter followers one has. As a high twitter following means that you have an influence among people and people listen to what you have to say. For brands and businesses, this is a matter of serious influence. A higher twitter follower count indicates your industry influence, and how much customers are looking forward to the content you post. Twitter is regarded as the most influential platform for engaging customers.



In this Article, we will discuss 8 easy ways you can increase your twitter followers.

1- Tweet often, when you are in doubt

Unlike the other social media platforms, twitter requires a content strategy which needs to be aggressive. As CoShedule puts it, the number of tweets per day should be between 3 to 7. Some brands even post 15, 20 times a day which shows the aggressive approach to content. The trick to good twitter followship is to promote your followers as well. Fill your twitter feed with new content every day and make it interesting for your followers to read.

2- Tweets should be done on proper time

The importance of right timing can never be stressed enough. In terms of time, posting a lot of content while your audience is not interested in it or is not the right time will not help you get followers. Sprout’s research suggests that brands have the most active engagement from followers during weekdays. Timing your tweets will help your account get the much need-exposure. You can also schedule the time when your tweets will be displayed to your audience, making it extremely convenient for you to boost your twitter followers.

3- Visual content has more volume than written text

It is commonly known that visual content is liked more by the audience; it is tweeted, re-tweeted and shared more. Normally brands try to accompany their posts with an intriguing image. It attracts a large number of followers. There are so many ways to visually attract your followers. You can also post interesting videos, they will help attract more followers.

4- Hashtags

Hashtags have become a Twitter trademark. You have to be a little creative with your choice of hashtags. Choose hashtags which suit your content and are in trend in your area. It will help more people to follow you. Your hashtags are like the SEO of your twitter account, you have to choose and place them carefully. Adding a couple of hashtags is a very tired and trusted method to get more followers. Do this and you can get plenty of followers in no time. You can also choose fun, and trendy hashtags to give your followers a bit of excitement about your brand/business. There is however, one important detail to keep in mind in regard to hashtags, never overpower them, don’t put unnecessary hashtags where they are not needed. Posts which have a lot of hashtags can also look spammy and distracting, you don’t want to overpower your followers and followers-to-be.

5- Tag, retweet, reply, and repeat

In Twitter realm, time is money. Get the most out of your time by re-tweeting the tweets and letting the people know that you care. You can schedule tweets on twitter for optimal customer engagement. But your twitter account should not look like as if it is run by bots. By following, retweeting, and replying to other brands or people that you follow or who follow you shows people that you are alive and active on Twitter. It is a great strategy which always pays off. Replying back to people will always be noticed as you care what other people think. For example, if you write a thorough review about a certain brand and tag it in your post, it will yield more followers for you. Tagging is a popular tactic which is used by the influential Twitter accounts with the most followers to keep the followers interested. Tagging and being tagged in a post will help you reach out to more followers. Tagging, re-tweeting and replying all don’t take much time but can be fruitful for increasing your twitter followers.

6- Optimize yourself for new followers

It is essential to always add new, random and fun stuff to your Twitter account as according to an estimate, nearly 15 percent of the tweets on Twitter are suspected to be done by bots. Hence, brands need the more human factor in their profiles. For this, they continuously need to evolve and adapt to the increasing customers. They need to understand their follower’s origin so that they can post content that interest them. Your content should be diverse if you want a popular Twitter account. You can optimize your profile for the new followers by:

  • Simple profile photo- it adds the clarity and gives your followers a sense of connection with you
  • Location Information, industry keywords and relevant tags- keep your profile minimalistic and simple for followers of all backgrounds to understand.
  • A taste of who you are- telling your followers who you are in reality will help them connect with you more.

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7- Connect with followers in your network

Connecting with the followers which are in your network will give you a much larger audience. How? Simple. Connecting with them will help you tagging and re-tweeting their posts on your twitter feed, when you will come on their twitter feed, their followers will most likely follow you as well. If you are hesitant in uploading your contact list, you can sync your Twitter account with any social media platform as well. It will help you to tap in the social network of most people who are likely to follow you. If your Twitter account is Synced, you have a higher chance of being shown under the suggestion of “Who to follow” section. This will ultimately generate more followers.

8- Funnel followers beyond Twitter

This is a tried and true practice that most Twitter accounts do in order to gain more followers. Considering the fact that Twitter is very commonplace now, there is no shame in plastering your Twitter account a bit more. Lootcrate provides the opportunity for Twitter accounts to gather more followers. They include a link of their social media handlers in the opt-in form. There are so many social button plug-ins that you are use. Lootcrate also provides bloggers an opportunity to connect with more readers.

So, what you are doing to increase your twitter following?

Growing a twitter account doesn’t happen over-night. It takes a lot of planning and strategies to do so. By utilizing the above-mentioned methods, you are sure to have a much larger twitter following. If you have been struggling with low twitter following, start from these steps. They require less time and are very efficient in exposing your brand.

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