7 tips to help you get the Facebook likes you deserve

Its finally 2019- and Facebook is still by far the best and most popular social media platform there is. If you own a business, e-commerce store or blog, Facebook presents you with the perfect platform to market your goods and services. A lot of brands, individuals and businesses, both large and small, have witnessed the power of viral content, as well as the value of building a loyal fan base.

However, it is not as easy to get noticed on Facebook as one would assume. If you want to gain attention on Facebook, there are several tactics that have to be implemented- and they have to be implemented effectively for success to occur. To help you get started, here are 7 tips to help you get more likes on Facebook:

Always include social buttons on your blog or business website

If you already have a company website or a blog that is up and running, ensure that you include Facebook buttons and plugins on your site to encourage likes and shares. Including Facebook, plugins are by far the best way to make your Facebook account discoverable, which will allow you to share your content more easily. Most of the plugin options available in the market are easy to set up and integrate into your website’s sidebar or footer.

Remember to use Call to Actions

Call to Actions are important because of how effective they are. Call to Action buttons are designed to prompt your audience to like and share content. The best Call to Actions are short, brief and powerful; they speak directly to the audience to encourage them to engage with your Facebook profile or page.

Hold a contest

Holding a contest can be one of the best things that a business can do to promote a page, engage with an audience, as well as solicit more likes. Contests work particularly well for businesses that deal with consumer products such as beauty products, tech, and entertainment. However, with the right contest and the proper targeting, other businesses in other niches can also hold contest successfully to attract more likes and follows.

Post engaging content

Not only does your content need to be engaging for you to attract more followers, but it should also be viral worthy. Delivering valuable content that is both informative and entertaining can help you maintain your loyal audience as well as ensure that you generate more followers. Other than including a link from a blog post on Facebook, you can also utilize Instant Articles and Stories to promote your content so that more people can see and share it.

Buy Facebook likes

If you are looking to jump start the process of attracting more likes and followers, you should consider buying Facebook likes cheap. Getting Facebook likes organically used to be easy, but as Facebook has become more popular, it has become an extreme challenge for businesses and individuals alike. Thankfully, there are plenty of high-quality services that specialize in getting Facebook likes. Before you outsource a company to assist though, make sure that they can provide you with the best leads and deals because not all such services are created equal.

Use high-quality photographs

Keep in mind that photos and videos are some of the most shared pieces of content on Facebook. As such, if you want to attract more likes on Facebook, you must as ensure that your photos and videos are as high quality as possible. If you post low-quality photos, you risk having your profile stand out in all the wrong ways- and because your competition is always watching, you also risk losing followers as a result. Ensure that you utilize clear and attractive photos. Where you can, you should also rely on qualified photographers so that your Facebook profile can appear as professional as possible.

Post on a consistent basis


To succeed on Facebook, your efforts have to be consistent and targeted. The number of times that you post on Facebook will determine your engagement levels, so it is important that you post frequently. It is also equally as important to pick the right time to post your content so that it can have the best chance of being seen by your target audience. On average, you should strive to post no less than 2 posts per day so as to receive a higher user engagement.

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