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Best Instagram growth hack techniques that will get your Instagram page surging in 2020.

In the world of business, business start-ups rise each day. Some are usually bound to fail while others reap huge success and become household names within short periods of their establishment.

What really makes the difference between businesses bound to failed and those that succeed? The marketing strategy behind their establishment makes the difference. A good example of businesses that have made use of ideal marketing strategies and available resources to propel their growth are Paypal and LinkedIn.

Quite incidental the two business have in the recent past captured world attention and got every one talking about them. Thanks to their digital marketing strategies. They literally emerged from nowhere and within a short spun they are now renowned household names.

Just look at the number and revenues growth trends of the two companies.

There is an exponential growth experienced by the two companies within just a span of two years.

In 2000, PayPal started the referral program and started giving people free money to join them. By the time, they retired this program they were at a loss of $60 million dollars but now, the company is worth more than 60 billion dollars. The number of users also skyrocketed as it provided an ease of doing payments online. The rises in numbers subsequently translates into rise in revenue collected.

Have you ever wondered how it possible for businesses to make such huge strides within such short periods? Or how a business could make such a momentous rise without spending much?

No worries I will let you know.

The secret to such momentous rise is in what has come to be known as growth hacking.

I am pretty sure you have come across the term before. But if not, this strategy has nothing to do with the unethical practise ‘HACKING” that you may be thinking of. Read on to discover what the term entails.

What is…

Growth hacking

Growth hacking is a marketing strategy that uses rapid experimentation across various channels and product development paths in order to determine the most effective way to scale and grow a business. Unlike conventional marketing, growth hacking focuses on goals, results, and probability, not on processes, so it doesn’t always follow a methodology.

A growth hacker is less worried about the steps that should be taken or tools that should be used, and more interested in using analytical thinking for identifying growth opportunities. Growth hacking is often adopted by start-ups and companies who want to gain exposure and grow their revenues and customer bases rapidly while using low-cost solutions and keeping the cost per customer acquisition at a minimum.

A combination of methods can be used by growth hackers to achieve goals: viral marketing, social media, targeted advertising, reverse engineering, SEO, e-mail marketing, as well as content marketing, analytics, A/B testing, conversion rate optimization and many others.

Basically, growth hacking focuses on growth. growth to a growth hacker is the most important thing.

PayPal and LinkedIn made use of growth hacking (a digital media marketing strategy) which explains the unprecedented growth we are seeing. At the centre of their digital marketing strategy lies Instagram -a leading social media platform when it comes to digital marketing. Other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube stands way back in comparison with Instagram.

In this article we are going to look at few very important Instagram growth hacking tricks that will help you boost the competitiveness of your business. Since I first came to know the tricks, I have used them to grow my Instagram business account and has brought in great returns.

What are the benefits of growth hacking on your brand?

As a business start-up there is more to gain from growth hacking. A good designed growth hacking strategy could see you through great transformation in terms of numbers and revenue generation.

Here are few benefits you stand to gain when you enlist growth hacking as one of your development strategies on Instagram.

  • Fresh on the game? It is my believe that your goal is to achieve more positive result for less. If this your goal, growth hacking is the strategy to use. Through this development strategy, your business stands to increase your customer base within short periods.
  • It boosts your ranking on google or any other search engine.
  • It increases you online visibility. For example, number of google searches increase to over 50% after using these tricks.
  • With growth hacking, you stand a chance to increase usage of your branded hashtags.

Over the short period I have employed these techniques, my Instagram account has received double engagement for every post. Something I never experienced before.

The list goes on and on. To crown it all, growth hacking does a great deal of search engine optimization of your Instagram business account. Usually you will not associate Instagram with SEO but two are related.  Hitting a balance between Instagram and growth hacking can be a great way to propel your business to great heights through enormous online visibility.   

So, what are the best Ways to Crush It on Instagram making use of Growth Hacking Techniques?

Several strategies are available for use but the strategies I am going to share in this article will help you manipulate your account and achieve your goals.

  1. Play the numbers game:

While people prefer quality over numbers, growth hacking works the other way around. This however does not mean that you will now emphasis on numbers and abandon quality!

The two elements work together. But for growth hacking your strength lies in numbers.

               How does it work?

You should first need the numbers, once you have satisfied this minimum requirement secondary requirement can follow later. Quora is an ideal example to illustrate this concept.

In the first years of its establishment Quora emphasised on growth engineering techniques.

It made the product as appealing as they can; and added a lot of notable people and growth hackers so as to keep things interesting.

In 2016, Quora had 100 million users and it doubled in a year becoming 200 million users in 2017.

Just like Quora, if you want to start an online marketing campaign using Instagram, increasing your Instagram followers should be your number one objective.

Once you get everyone talking about you other elements can follower. Note that for effective growth you not only need the numbers. You also need to keep tract of the numbers and ensuring that they help you meet your marketing objectives. There is one unique way to buy instagram followers from BuyTrueFollowers and increase the number quickly.

Be sure to control the numbers. After all, all that you want is get your audience genuinely interested in what you offer.

What else do you ned to keep your Instagram follower base growing?

  • Piggy bank on other influence and brands in your area of specialization.

You don’t have to do much legwork. The trick is simple if someone is following a user who deals in the same area as yours, they are likely to follow you as well. What you need is to follow the user and once they follow you back you have added a follower to your numbers.

How to go about it.

On your Instagram search tool bar search for popular hashtags related to your niche. Several options will appear.

Sample hashtags that you can use.

Look for the most popular and establish who published it.

Once you have established the publisher, click on their profile to see who follows them Follow as many users as possible.

  • Leverage on photo liking and commenting.

Another way of maintaining your Instagram follower numbers high, is through photo liking and commenting.

Type in a hashtag related to your business niche, find relevant accounts that post related content. Leave your like and comment afterwards.

Of the many photos liked and comments you leave, you are likely to gain a good number of followers. Engagement rate can be increased quickly if you buy Instagram likes.

  • Posts and post never cease form posting.

Keep your followers engaged, the only way you are going to achieve this is through continued posting.

Content plays a key role here. If you don’t post continuous you lose an audience as well, you will lose them if you don’t post engaging posts.

When you run tight schedules posting continuously at times is a bit demanding. However, you can mitigate this challenge through a post scheduler which will help you post content on regular intervals. 

  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your content and what you offer.

Hashtags are very critical in any social media platform; they are to Instagram what keywords are to google search engines. Research has it that posts that have hashtags included are likely to get a large following compared to those without. The graphs

bellow illustrates better.

Instagram gives 30 options to use. However, they should be used objectively avoid stuffing the tags.

An ideal number for your development campaign should be more than 5 but not exceed 10 hashtags for every other post.

  • Pick a brand and build a narrative around it.

Often people use Instagram growth hacks but fizzle out on the way. To avoid such eventualities, building an effective narrative around your content can work miracles.

Ask yourself, what am I going to offer? If you are going to maintain your followers, then you must come up with something unique to offer your followers in return.

Remember, these individuals are not following you just for the sake of following, they are expecting something in return.

Developing a narrative over your content has the following positive outcomes.

  • A working narrative that is related to your content helps you create something scalable. One which you can present to your audience without necessarily having to give them tangible products.
  • A working narrative around your content helps you to build a brand that is going to sell on its own. It keeps things going in a cost-effective way.

A good Instagram narrative should be lifestyle specific for example, if you are dealing in food and drinks then a visually appealing content with popping colors and sounds can be idea narratives for your Instagram account. You can also hire a social media marketing company to help you gain more followers. If you have questions like where to buy instagram followers, BuyTrueFollowers is the answer. Many celebrities, business and start-ups rely on the service of BuyTrueFollowers.

  • Enlist the help of influencers.

Another great way to boost your Instagram followers is through influencers.

There is a good number of them out there who are willing to help you. To find a perfect match look for those influencers who are working in an area related to what you are doing. These are ideal because they offer an audience that will be interested in your products or brand.  

Experienced influencers are great way that you can create inroads to potential millions of followers. To be a bit realistic influencer dominate Instagram, if you happen to capture the attention of a major influencer and happen to win him/ her over that could be the starting point of your success.

People who wants to be an influencer, often spend much time on searching on how to buy instagram followers but experienced influencers knows the best site to buy instagram followers, i.e. BuyTrueFollowers.

If you are not in apposition to leverage the influence of major influencers, there are is an alternative – Micro-influencers

Micro influencers don’t usually have millions of followers, theirs range something in between 40000-10000 users. They usually buy instagram followers cheap 10k package to start with and then grow their followers organically.

Why you should use micro-influencers for Insta growth hacks.

They are devoid of celebrity status, thus readily available for use.

  • Micro-influencers will help you at a low cost, many of these influencers have a good following but can’t make any cash out of it.

Lifestyle influencer.

Presenting yourself, them is a good chance for them to make money. All that you need is to quote reasonable rates and they will be ok with it.

You gain more authority and trust form micro influencers as opposed to major influencers or you can take buy instagram followers cheap $1 package to just try how things go with you, it will be like a buy instagram followers trial package for you, there is no free trail.

Not many people trust major influencers because they know part of their fame is compensated by major brand. As a result, micro influencer’s audience see them trustworthy sources of information.

A micro influencer can leverage on this trust to help you build a royal base of followers or even potential prospects.

I recommend using micro-influencers with audiences ranging from 1000 to 100000 followers. They will jump at the opportunity if you provide them with one.

  • Buy Real Instagram Followers

This is very controvertial topic and most marketers do not suggest you buy followers. So, people get confused. They really do not know whether to buy or not. Some people do not even hear about buying followers. More than 300 people search for “can you buy instagram followers” every month.

Thos who know about buying but have doubts about where to buy instagram followers and how do you buy instagram followers, we will tell you the details.

Being in this business from last 5+ years, we suggest people not to buy. Yes, you heard it correct not to buy. Why buy when you can get it free?

Everyone should try on their own to grow on Instagram, it may take time, but it can work for you if you are not in a hurry.

But, now a days no one has time to wait for few months forget about waiting for few years. In addition, if you are the owner of the business you want to focus on your craft. You need to keep all your focus and resources in improving your product and services and not on other things. So, when people try your product, they should feel like it is the best in the world. For such people it makes sense to buy real Instagram followers cheap to avoid huge expenditure on marlketing.

So, the question arises how to buy real instagram followers. Few things to keep in mind before buying and select the best site to buy real instagram followers:

  • Ensure that followers are real and not bots. How you can identify? Bots will be without profile pics, no engagement and will be very cheap.
  • The best way to buy instagram followers is that do not buy huge quantity at once, buy them over a period. Suppose when you just create Instagram account and you buy 50K followers it does not make sense. Start with small number may be 5k. Then do organic promotion from your end and then buy again after some time.
  • Buying is not an ultimate growth hack technique; it is just a step you need to follow out of many different growth hacks and marketing techniques you need to do to promote your products.
  • There are many good websites out there, but you need to select the best website to buy instagram followers based on your budget, quality of followers and customer support.
  • Another important factor to take into acocunt before deciding the best place to buy instagram followers and likes is the retention time. The guarantee the company provides for the followers given. With constant updates in Instagram algorithm and dynamics of social media platforms followers can unfollow you over a period. It is better to go for website that provides atleast 30 days of replacement guarantee.
  • Focus on growing your brand through brand awareness as opposed to promotional content.

There are many brand names out there, to grow your brand means your must stand out from the rest. Additionally, now that you are into business everything should not revolve around making money.

Part of your brand story should be to creativity and helping others. In short don’t be mechanical, show the social aspects of your brand

The best way to avoid being too mechanical is avoiding too much promotional content on your page. Instead of promoting too much you can buy instagram followers and likes to get more popular without being aggressive in marketing. Too much aggressiveness may repel followers.

It doesn’t matter if you have product/services to sell, it does matter that your want to increase your customer base. If you are too promotional in your Instagram content that is enough evidence to turn away potential followers.

Be creative, use different types of content formats. Above all find new ways to communicate and engage with your followers. Don’t be a boring chap.

As will be seen from this graphic representation being too promotion subsequently leads to your downfall.

Build your brand awareness and avoiding being too promotional content has the following benefits.

  • It elevates your brand position and give you the power to compete with your competitors.
  • Brand awareness that is brand oriented has the potential of influencing sales. As opposed to promotion in brand awareness people tend to know you better. And the more people know you the more you are likely to convert them into buyers.
  • It is authentic. When you focus on brand awareness you build a brand image in people’s minds. Brand images have long lasting impacts on seller as opposed to promotional content.
  • Strategies using Instagram hashtags.

No Instagram hacking strategy is complete without the use of hashtags but not all hashtags will work for you. BuyTrueFollowers do extensive research for hashtags and select only those hashtags which will help you gain more followers that makes BuyTrueFollowers the best place to buy instagram followers.

Note that success only comes to those who deserve it. The same applies to hashtag it not every hashtag that you pick works for you.

You will need to do your homework. Look for trending hashtag that relate to your niche and use them appropriately.

Think a little bit out of the box, and now that you’re your hashtags are going to give your permanence on Instagram, you need to come up with unique hashtags.

Of course, your tags should reflect those that are trending in your area of specialization if you are to achieve any desirable level of visibility.

Creating a hashtag and promoting it are two different things. To get things moving after you created your tags, promote them.

How to promote your Instagram hashtags.

It is simple,

The easiest way to do it is asking other user to create content using your your hashtags tags ten distribute them in their networks. This comes with a cost, but our focus is the end results.  

We have 3 different type of hashtags:

  • Brand and campaign hashtags.
  • Content hashtags
  • Trending hashtags.

Brand and campaign hashtags are those that are designed for marketing and promotions, they could include for instance your company or product names. Trending hashtags include those on topics that have gained immense popularity at a time. Lastly, we have content hashtags, theses include those hashtags you use on your content. There are many apps in the market that you can see online but BuyTrueFollowers is the best buy instagram follower’s app available easily to everyone.

A balance between the three can have a great impact on the growth of your Instagram followers.

  • Optimize you Instagram profile and content for search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is not a new term, but often it is associated with google search engines.

Did you know that social media platforms work on the same principle as browsers are for search engines?

Instagram is no exception, if you want people to find you or locate your content on Instagram pages, then you need to optimise your profile and the content that you post.

Your profile must be perfect and easy to access. BuyTrueFollowers has helped many start-ups to create new Instagram account from scratch, get a blue tick and gain more followers quickly to reach worlwide audience. That’s the reason that all start-ups consider BuyTrueFollowers as the best app to buy instagram followers.

What are the basics for a good profile?

For a good profile choose a username that is simple to recognise and remember. It should be easier to locate, that is it should be related to your business niche.

For a kick start, you can buy a username or an already working user profile to avoid the hustle that comes with starting a new one. 

Make sure that your profile captures mandatory details that go into a good user profile.

For the content, it should be user oriented, of high quality and engaging. Don’t leaving anything hanging all details that go into creating an engaging content should be captured in what you offer to your followers.

8. Post photos with quotes

There are many Instagram accounts that post photos with motivational quotes and this kind of content is hugely popular. Sometimes the quote is too powerful and other times a popular celebrity has said it. Either way, these posts are shared a lot. And you can do this too. You can post quotes from people who are working in your industry and have achieved huge success.

Don’t forget to mention the name of the person who said it and if you don’t know, at least don’t misquote it with the name of any other person. Always keep a reference about where you got the post from.

9. Mention other people and brands

It is always beneficial to mention the profiles of people who are related to your current post or profile in general. It is helpful to the person you are tagging as your audience will reach out to them. Similarly, their audience will reach out to you when they find that you have tagged those people.

This is the power of collaboration. The audience of two different profiles merge whenever there is a collaboration between two people and benefit both the person.

10. Using third-party tools

 Many people nowadays use third party tools to automate a lot of their tasks on Instagram. It takes off the stress and pressure on the people in doing such tasks and makes them easier to do. They then use that saved time to focus on creating quality content for their profile and further analyzing and planning on what to do next.

The thirty party tools are available for a lot of things like designing photos, editing videos, marketing tools, analytics tools, etc. There are tools available to share user-generated content on your profile by giving them proper credit for it. There are tools that help you in finding the correct hashtags for your posts. There are other tools that can manage all your Instagram activities like posting on Instagram at a given date so you can schedule them ahead of time. You can see detailed insights and analytics on how your posts and profile is performing, whether your followers are increasing, how is your engagement rate, etc.

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