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How to Use Instagram for Business + Tips on Building Your Community

In this article, we’ll discuss the latest  8 proven techniques or ways to gain Instagram followers.

But before we get know that, we have a bit idea about  Instagram’s users and their strategies.

Instagram users

It is important to know demographics of your Instagram channel before you start marketing there.

For example, you cannot go to the Reddit community and start selling things; they will block you and tarnish your reputation for being too sales-y.

You have to do it slowly and with a lot of effort.

Similar to that, understanding your Instagram audience will give you an idea of how to effectively market your product/service on the platform.

So who are Instagram’s users?

  • 32% of internet users in the world use Instagram.
  • Adults from the age group of 18 to 29 constitute the majority of the users at 59%.
  • Female users (38%) are more likely to use Instagram than men (26%).

Above data makes a clear demographic that which age group are active on instagram so can we start posting and marketing according are details-what audience are active so we can promote what kind of products.If you are having a business profile at instagram.

Make sure to follow the steps one by one because it’s easy to go wrong with Instagram marketing if you initially take the wrong steps.

8 proven ways to get instagram followers

Get an idea about audience

Going through this process of understanding your audience.

Answer the following questions and write them down in a document:

  1. What is the age group of your audience?
  2. Who are 8 to 10 brands that interact with an audience similar to yours?
  3. What is their lifestyle like and what are the products they buy?
  4. Is your audience centric to a certain location?
  5. What is the target gender (predominantly male or female) or is it generic enough to target both?

When you identify the following questions, you can easily figure out the kind of content to create, how often to create, and what kind of language you should have in your post

Hashtag usage idea

Hashtags might be annoying and not so useful on other platforms, but on Instagram, it’s the core of the platform.

There are good hashtags and there are bad hashtags.

Bad hashtags are ones that people just use to get a rapid following. “like4like” is an example of a bad hashtag that people use when they want to get and give likes. This attracts the wrong followers, and it makes sense to stay away from them.

Good hashtags identify the qualities of your business and your product, and they relate to your audience as well.

Daily consistent post

You need to be right up there with the quality of your posts to have any chance of getting a high quality following.

On Instagram, the standards of posts need to be very high. A lot of good brand pages have their own visual style or use similar filters in each of their posts.

The visual storytelling needs to be on point.

This is a visually appealing post.

Before you start posting, you need to create a repository of posts, at least 15 – 20 of them. This allows you to post content even during weekends and holidays.

There’s research that has shown particular Instagram filters lead to more engagement and likes. Figure out which ones work best.

Always be aesthetically pleasing. This is a minimum basic requirement on Instagram.


There’s something about captions that captures the eye of the reader.

Think about it:What makes a meme really funny?

It’s not just the image, it’s the text as well.

It’s the same on Instagram. Have an interesting caption for your images. Think of the caption as just as important as the visual element.

Take a look at the image below; it’s just a normal image, but it becomes really funny because of the text.

If you put yourself in the shoes of your audience, you’ll know how important it is to creatively craft every post.

People come to Instagram to entertain themselves and have fun. They want to watch interesting stuff, look at interesting products, and tag their friends. Let them do that!

Buy Instagram followers to gain Instagram followers

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Post Timing and Frequency

This is related to how often you post.

Most of the people access Instagram on a daily basis. They do it 6 to 7 times a day and spend close to 15 minutes there each visit. Power users end up consuming all the content in their feed until they run out of content.

So there is a lot of content that a user goes through on a daily basis.

If you aren’t on their feed constantly, you will be forgotten.

“Out of sight, out of mind.” It’s as simple as that.

Make sure to have at least 2 to 3 posts planned for every day and mix them up. Also, be a bit flexible and post about things that you are thinking about or experiencing.

People love impromptu posts.

Shoutout for shoutout SFS

Collaboration is one of the key ingredients on Instagram.

For every top brand, there are hundreds of smaller brands trying to get the attention of people.

As everybody is trying to get ahead, it only makes sense to grow together.

Identify a few of the smaller brands that cater to your audience and reach out to them. Pitch a collaboration or a cross posting.

You will promote their business to your followers and they will promote yours to theirs.

This is a good way to exchange similar audience sets.

Free shoutout and product promotion to  gain Instagram followers

One of the ways product companies get traction is through free goodies.

Let’s say you have a sports clothing company and you are competing against a hundred other companies in a similar niche.

First, you should identify a few mid-level influencers. Not the top tier ones but the secondary level ones who are easily accessible and are open to quick partnerships.Give them your free gear and get them to talk about you.

If there are 10 influencers with about 100,000 followers each, your potential reach is close to 1 million people. How else do you reach 1 million people without paying a bomb?

Creative content

You cannot be obvious or be doing the same thing everyone else is doing on Instagram.

I’ve seen this across many profiles, they focus on not straying too much from their brand, and they become rigid and predictable with their content.

Do not become predictable. If you are predictable, you become boring. The point of your account should be is to give different content to your audience each time.

One of the most important aspects of any marketing effort is patience.You need to keep at it, even when you don’t see the numbers growing. You need to measure your numbers and be consistent.

Initially, make sure to schedule days that you will post no matter what.

That consistency will bring results.

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